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A “New” Radioplay

Posted on Aug 15, 2012

So I’ve been talking about my radioplay, Like a Writing Desk, for what feels like a small forever now. The good news is that production dates are firming up, and it should be on air early in 2013. The even gooder news is that The Lifted Brow has commissioned me to drum up an article on crows and ravens and why they so engross us – or at least me.

Like a Writing Desk is nominally about crows and ravens, but it’s more accurately about the power of myth and the failure of ego. Also, it’s a comedy. Think People Like Us, Human Remains – those dark British comedies that make you a little too uncomfortable. So I have a lot of research material sitting idle, waiting to be stitched into an essay. Two birds, one something.

Like a Writing Desk is my third ABC Radio National commission.