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Aden Rolfe was born in Sydney but, along with all the other carpet-baggers, he currently resides in Melbourne.

With a background in arts admin and festival management, he’s been a writer, editor and proofreader for more than a decade, working on a raft of creative projects. In 2009, he ‘professionalised’ his practice, transitioning from day-job-plus-freelance-work to full-time sole trader. He mainly works out of the Bouverie Studios in Carlton.

Aden studied writing and cultural studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, under the auspices of Martin Harrison, Stephen Muecke, Katrina Schlunke and Jane Ulman. He holds first-class honours in Communications. He’s benefited from much other mentoring over the years, from Adam Macaulay and Sydney Theatre Company, John Jacobs and ABC Radio National, and Jessa Boanas-Dewes and Toot Sweet.

Aden has featured as a speaker and panellist at the National Young Writers’ Festival, Emerging Writers’ Festival, Format Festival and Open Fields. In 2008 and 2009 he directed Critical Animals, the creative research arm of This Is Not Art.

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