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Getting Critical

Posted on Sep 25, 2012

It’s that time of year again. This weekend heralds the annual disarray that is TINA, or This Is Not Art, comprising Critical Animals, the National Young Writers’ Festival and Crack Theatre Festival. If you live within 300km of Newcastle, you’d be a fool not to be there.

As an ex-Director of Critical Animals, I’m chuffed to be chairing a couple of sessions for it and NYWF on the Sunday:

Writing for Radio
13.00–14.00, Lock-Up Cultural Centre
The writers behind Australia’s most innovative radio discuss their approaches, their inspirations, and where they’d like to see Australian radio go next.
Mike Williams, Jesse Cox and Melanie Tait

Experimental Writing and the Force of Fluidity
15.00–16.30, The Royal Exchange
The form of the written work instructs the ways in which we read and write words. Three panellists examine the vicissitudes of language within differing experimental forms, and how words can move and shake the territory of their written intent.
Brenton Lyle, Clare Muston and Nicola Themistes

I’ll also be launching Keri Glastonbury’s truly excellent poetry collection, grit salute, alongside the indefatigable Astrid Lorange launching Derek Motion’s lollyology:

20.00–22.00, United Services Club (Gun Club)

If you’re in town, come along to ALL of these events, because each of them promises to be excellent (my own participation notwithstanding).

You can view the full program for TINA here.