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Mall Stories

Posted on Mar 21, 2013


I’ve got a piece in Mall Stories, an audio tour of Canberra which is running as part of the You Are Here festival until 24 March. As curator Julian Fleetwood says:

“This is not a conventional walking tour. In the course of this tour you will hear a range of stories. Some of them will be about the places you are visiting, others will be about places you will never see. Sometimes voluntary actions will be suggested.”

Featuring the likes of Kelly Chandler and Marcus Westbury, Mall Stories is split into two tours. I’m in Tour B, which leads from the Centrepoint entrance on City Walk to Odgers Lane, London Circuit end, and goes for about an hour.

Showcasing independent and experimental arts and culture, You Are Here seems to be going from strength to strength under the direction of David Finnigan, Yolande Norris and co. If you’re in Canberra, check it out. Or, you know, download it now and take the tour the next time you’re in town.