Aden Rolfe » Judith Wright Poetry Prize / 2008, 2009, 2011
Aden was commended for the 2011 Judith Wright Poetry Prize for his poems “Ungainly” and “Mountainousness”. These poems will be collected in a “new and emerging poets” anthology and published by Overland later in 2012. Judged by Peter Minter from a pool of 500-odd entries, this is the third time Aden has been commended for this prize. Aden was highly commended for “Purge Landscape” in 2008 and for “Exchanges” in 2009. The prize received 815 and 925 entries these years respectively. Originally written for poet and mentor Martin Harrison, “Exchanges” was subsequently published in volume 37 of the Melbourne Historical Journal, and was described by judge Keri Glastonbury as “almost a perfect generational anthem”.